How to Access Archived Data

How to Access Archived Data

At the end of each year, classes and students are archived to ensure a clean upload for the fall. All of the archived student and class data can still be accessed in the reports. Follow the steps below to access data from the previous school year(s).

Accessing archived data for all reports
From the reports hub, you can set the default of all reports to include archived data by selecting the settings gear.

When you click on the settings gear, you will see a pop-up with a drop down for classes and students. Use the drop down for each menu to add archived students.

After you have added the archived data, select "Regenerate."

This will apply the report setting to all of your reports by default. If you'd prefer to keep active data as the default and pull in archived data on a report by report basis, use the directions below. (Note: you will still need to keep an eye on your report date range to ensure you are pulling archived data.)

Accessing archived data on a specific report
On all of your reports, you will see a settings gear on the left side of the page at the bottom of the filter tools.

Clicking the gear symbol will open up class and student status filters. Add "archived" to both drop downs to include that data in your report.

When you have the archived data included for classes and students, be sure to adjust your dates at the top to include the student submissions you wish to analyze.

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