Add Existing Edcite Students to Your Class

How Students with Existing Accounts Join a New Class

If a student already exists in Edcite (because, say, another teacher has had them sign up), they can join your class by using your class code.

1. Instruct your students to go to our Student Landing Page

2. Instruct students to log into their account.  They can use their username or email with their password or they can log in through Google, Microsoft, Clever, or ClassLink.

3. Instruct students to click on the three lines in the top left corner of their homepage.

4. Instruct students to select "Join Class."

5. Instruct students to enter your class code and select "Join Class. Click here for information on where to find a class's class code.

6. Students will verify that they are joining the correct class by clicking the "Continue" button.

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