How to Create an Assignment by Merging Other Assignments

How to Create an Assignment by Merging Other Assignments

You can create an Edcite assignment by pulling in all questions from selected other assignments. To do that, first create a new, blank assignment. 

1. On the assignment editor, click on the Find Existing button under the Questions section.

2. A window will open up giving you options - to add questions from your questions or the question bank, or to copy all questions from your assignments or assignment library.

3. To copy all questions from some of your own assignments, select 'My Assignments' under 'Assignments'.

4. Click on the 'Select' button against the assignment you wish to copy into your new assignment. The questions will get copied into your assignment. 

To add more questions, repeat steps 1 through 4.

You can select as many assignments as you wish, one at a time.

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