Edcite Schools Administrator Account Settings

Administrator Account Settings [Edcite Schools Feature]

This feature is available as part of our premium platform, Edcite Schools. To learn more about Edcite Schools, click here.

Follow these step by step instructions to set up your Edcite Schools Account Settings.

1. Login to your Edcite Schools account.

2. Click the account name and select My Settings.

3. Click the Teacher Data Control tab.  Check the box if you want to Disable Teacher Roster Changes.

4. Click the Data Access tab. Check the box if you want to Disable Report Data Access Restrictions.

5. Click the Assignment Viewer tab. Select the type of Viewer you would like to use.  Use the scroll bar to see additional Viewers.

6. Click the Student Home Page tab. Check the box if you would like the Start Assignment Button to show on the Student Home Page. Change the wording that appears on the button in the space provided.

7. Click the Save Changes button.

For more help on this or any other topics, please contact hello@edcite.com.

Click the following link to access the Google Document for this solution:



Updated 12 Oct 2017