Edcite Schools Scheduling Common Assessments

Scheduling and Sending Teacher Assigned Common Assessments [Edcite Schools Feature]

This feature is available as part of our premium platform, Edcite Schools. To learn more about Edcite Schools, click here.

Follow these step by step instructions to schedule and send a Teacher Assigned Common Assessment in Edcite Schools. This guide assumes that you already have locked Common Assessments shared in your Edcite Schools Assignment folders. 

  1. Need to find an assessment to use? If you are supposed to find content: Collections, Edcite assignment library, State Released Question Bank. 
  2. How to Lock a Common Assessment and How to Share to a Folder
  3. Still need help? Email an administrator or schools@edcite.com.

1. From your top navigation bar, click Common Assessments.

2. Select the Teacher Assigned tab. You can either browse all assignments using the search filter or use the Grade and Subject folders.

3. Find the assignment and click the Assign button.

4. The Scheduler Popover will open.  You can assign by class or by student and set a start time when the assignment will be available to students. If you are using Google Classroom or Canvas, you can assign to those classes on this popover. 

5. Click Assign to schedule the assignment. You will be brought to a Manage page where you can modify settings. For more details on assignment settings, click here

For more help on this or any other topics, please contact hello@edcite.com.


Updated 12 Aug 2020