Edcite Schools Sharing Content into Edcite Schools Folders

Sharing Content into Edcite Schools Folders for Teachers [Edcite Schools Feature]

This feature is available as part of our premium platform, Edcite Schools. To learn more about Edcite Schools, click here.

If you have an Edcite Schools account, you will also have access to Shared Folders (similar to Google Drive or OneDrive) in the section marked Edcite Schools Folders. Teachers can share content into Edcite Schools Folders from their My Assignments or My Questions page. Note: Teachers need to have access to these folders in order to access the content. To obtain folder access, please contact an administrator.

1. Navigate to the assignment or question you want to move to a folder and checkbox it. Once you've checkboxed the assignment/question, click on the To Folder button.

2. Select the Edcite Schools Folder you'd like to move the assignment/question to and then click Submit. The assignment/question will now appear in that folder.

Note: If you are looking to give a Common Assessment that another teacher has shared with you, please do so from the Common Assessments page. Click here for more information.