How to Grade With a Rubric

How to Grade With a Rubric

To grade with a rubric in Edcite, you'll need to add a rubric to a question. Here's a help doc on how to do that: 

Once you've saved the rubric, you can see a Rubric button on the Grading page against each question for each student.

Click on the Rubric button to bring up the rubric grader window. You can award points based on rubric criteria by clicking on the table cells. The table cell will highlight to reflect your selection.

To see a score’s textual information, hover over a score and a popover will appear.

Click on the Apply/Next button to open and move to the next student for question by question grading or else move to the next question for that student.

4. Click the Override button to open a textbox that allows you to override the rubric score. This is helpful when you want the final score to take into account more than a rubric's raw data.

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