How to Grade Using the Grid View

How to Grade Using the Grid View

The Grid View on the Grading Page allows for quick grading across an assignment at the question level, along with a set of convenient actions.

1. Easily view attachments across students and questions by enabling the Show Attachments option.

2. Give full credit for a question for all students by clicking More Options next to the question number, or give full credit to one student by clicking on the More Options button next to the student’s score.

3. Force submit, unsubmit, or add a submission to a student’s assignment by clicking on the More Options button in the Status column (Edcite Schools only).

4. Navigate to view work on a question or navigate to grade a question for all students by clicking on the More Options button next to a question number.

5. Enable the Show Bonuses option to get a quick view of bonus points for all students and questions.

6. Enable the Show Filters option to search for student names, assignment status, and total number of points.

7. Toggle between takes using the Takes dropdown menu.

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