Print an Assignment

How to Print an Assignment

1. From the top navigation bar, click on Assignments and then My Assignments.

2. Click the three dots next to the assignment you want to print and then click Print:

3. Choose the Print Options you would like to set and then click Apply. 
Note: You can designate lines at the top of the page for headings (e.g. name, date, class, etc.). You can also choose to add a blank area or ruled area after each question in the student work space.
Note: If you are printing passages, you can choose to print them from only Q1 to save paper. When using this option, it is recommended that you put all passages from the assignment into the first tab of the first question to ensure all text is printed.

4. When you click Print you will be taken to your printer settings. You can save the assignment as a PDF  to your computer or send it to the printer directly.

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