Question Type - Rearrange Text

Question Type - Rearrange Text

Rearrange Text #045


Students choose blocks of text or excerpts from a passage and rearrange them into the correct order.


Additional Samples

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Authoring Functionality

  1. Blue Pencil - Enter the stimulus by clicking the Blue Pencil and opening the editor.

  2. Settings - Click the Gear button to set up the question.

  3. Select Mode - Select Edit Text to add the text to your question.

  4. Initial View - Select student’s initial view.

  5. Rearrange Type - Select whether students are rearranging words, sentences, or paragraphs.



Setting the Correct Answer

  1. Select Mode  - Select Set Answer to set the text in the correct order as your answer.

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Updated 24 Sept 2018

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