Question Type - Select Text from Excerpt (#007)

Question Type - Select Text from Excerpt (#007)

You can create a Select Text from Excerpt (#007) question from the Create Question page. If you are familiar with our general question creating process, you can skip ahead to Step 5 for information specific to the Select Text from Excerpt (#007) question.

1. Name your question in the space provided and click the Save button.

2. If desired, add a stimulus to accompany the question in the space provided by clicking the Blue Pencil button and opening your Rich Text Editor. You can add text, audio, video, or images.  Click the OK button upon completion. You can name this tab or you can add a new tab with an alternative stimulus by clicking the (+) button.

3. Enter the instructions and/or prompts in the space provided. If desired, change the Point value for the question.

4. Tag learning standards to your question by clicking the Tags tab. For more information about Tagging Standards, click here. Click the Show More button to see additional options. If desired, add a Rubric, Settings, Solutions, and Hints. For more information about these options, please click here.

5. To add text to the Selection Area of your question, click on the Blue Pencil button. Once you've added the text, click the Apply button.

6. Click on the Settings Gear to edit the settings of your Select Text from Excerpt question.
  1. Scoring: If you want students to select more than one answer, checkbox the Multi-select option. If you choose multi-select, you can decide the number of minimum required answers students need to select in order to get full marks. By default, students will receive partial credit if they do not select all of the required answers. You can choose all or nothing scoring where full marks are only given for selecting all correct answers - otherwise the score is zero.

  2. Selection type: Choose whether you would like students to select answers by word, sentence, or paragraph. 
  3. Custom select: You also have the option to Custom Select what you want students to select. First, set the answer choice(s) for students by clicking and dragging your cursor across the text. Then, set the answer(s) by clicking the correct highlighted section(s). Answer choices are highlighted in blue and answers are highlighted in green (Note: there is no highlighting displayed in the initial Student View - these colors are to help teachers distinguish when creating). When you are happy with your settings, click Done.

If you would like to view examples of Select Text from Excerpt questions, click below:
  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2

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