Adding a reference sheet PDF to an assignment

Adding a reference sheet PDF to an assignment

Edcite enables teachers to add a PDF as a reference sheet to their assignments. The attached PDF will show of every question in the Student View of an assignment. 

Steps to add a PDF:

1. Upload the PDF to a shared drive (Google Drive, One Drive, etc)

2. Make the PDF publicly accessible with the link. See steps for Google Drive here;

3. In your Drive, double-click to open the PDF. Click on the vertical dots at the top right corner to get the 'Open in new window' option.

4. Once the file opens in a new window, click on the vertical dots at the top right corner to get the Embed Item option.

5. Click on 'Embed item', a window will open up with the entire embed HTML. Select and copy just the highlighted portion (within quotes, to the right of the 'src', ending in 'preview')

6. Once you've copied the highlighted embed link, navigate to your Assignment Editor and click on the Settings gear.

7. Paste in the embed link in the Student Tools -> Reference Sheet area

8. Click on Save Changes in the Settings window to save the setting. 

9. In the Student View, the reference sheet will be shown on the click of the XYbutton:

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