Assignment Settings - Student Focus Tracker

Assignment Settings - Student Focus Tracker

Edcite's Student Focus Tracker will monitor how many times students navigate away from the tab and for how many minutes. It also adds a message to the start of the assignment that the teacher will be notified about leaving the assignment.

Turning on the Student Focus Tracker
The Student Focus Tracker can be turned on in the assignment settings. From your assignment editor, select the gear button in the top right corner and then click "Open All Settings."

At the bottom of the "Basic Settings" section, you will see "Track Student Focus." Checkbox to enable and then click "Save Changes" to close the window.

Save your assignment and you will be able to see the student focus tracking results after the students' submissions.

Accessing student focus results
The amount of minutes off of the assignment and the number of times the student left the assignment can be found in the student's answer history. You can access a student's answer history from their individual report.

Below is a screenshot of a student's report. You will find "Saved Answers History" in the top right corner.

From there you can see a quick snapshot of the focus tracking in the top right corner, and you can select "More" for a more detailed overview.

Teachers will see what time students left the assignment, for how long, and from what point of the assignment.

For more real-time information of when students are on and off the tab, check out our Real-Time Connect feature which shows teachers a green outline around the students that are on the assignment and a red outline around students that have navigated away.

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