How to Print, Upload, and Grade Bubble Sheets

How to Print, Upload, and Grade Bubble Sheets

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Edcite's Bubble Sheets allow teachers to administer Edcite assignments on paper. The directions below review 1) how to print Bubble Sheets for students and 2) how to upload the completed pages for grading within Edcite.

Bubble Sheet Printing Instructions:

1. Bubble Sheets can be printed for any teacher-assigned or district-distributed assessment that:
  1. is assigned to a class or to students.
  2. has Multiple Choice (#005) questions (with up to 8 answer choices), Free Response (#101) questions, and/or Essay Response (#100) questions. Note: one page can fit up to 90 Multiple Choice questions.

2. Where do I find the link? Printing Bubble Sheets is done by the teacher of the class assigned, whether the assignment is district-distributed or teacher-assigned. The "Print Bubble Sheets" button is found:

i) On the My Assignments page under "Actions" -> "Manage".

Once the Manage window pops up, the "Print Bubble Sheets" button is located next to the "View Assignment Settings" button.


ii) District Distributions can be printed on the Common Assessments page:

3. Click the “Print Bubble Sheets” button to print the sheets. Ensure that the print layout is in Portrait Mode.

4. Each sheet printed will have the following:
  1. student name (student ID) and assignment name (assignment ID).
  2. questions.
  3. QR Code containing the student ID and assignment ID. 

In the example below, Q1-5 are Multiple Choice questions, Q6 is a Free Response question, and Q7 is an Essay Response question, which is on page 2.

Page 1.

Page 2.

    Bubble Sheet Upload and Grade Instructions:

    1. Once students have answered the bubble sheets, teachers can upload them from either the Grading page (see Image A below) or the Reports Hub (see Image B below). The button for the Bubble Sheet Grader will only show on assignments for which the bubble sheets have previously been printed. Click on the "Grade Bubble Sheet" button to open the Bubble Sheet Grader on the Grading page, or click the "Submit Bubblesheets" button to open the grader if uploading from the Reports Hub

    Image A

    Image B

    2. Scan the answered bubble sheets into the system by following the steps listed below. Make sure the sheets are aligned correctly, are not inverted, and only the bubble sheets are scanned (not the instruction sheets). If using a mobile phone to upload bubble sheets, take pictures and use a conversion app (e.g. Adobe, Camscanner) to multi-convert the pictures to PDF.

    Step 1: Load the scanned PDF into the bubble sheet grader by clicking on the "Select PDF" button and selecting the scanned PDF. 


    Step 2: You will see the sheets appear as shown below. You can navigate through pages by changing the page number in the edit box and pressing the "Enter" key.

    Step 3: Click the 'Read All Sheets' button to start grading. The system will read all the sheets and process the student choices. Note: if there are any errors in detecting student information, please reach out to and attach the PDF with which you are having difficulty uploading.

    Step 4: The final step is to submit the student answers to Edcite's Grading page. To do this, checkbox all students and then click "Submit Selected". 

    When this step is complete, student answers will be shown in all Edcite reports and cannot be changed unless the student's submission is unsubmitted.

    Note: to view a Free Response or Essay Response answer that has been submitted, go to the Grading page, click the Plus icon next to a student's name, select the question number, and click the Paperclip icon. Grading these question types is most efficiently done using the Grade by Question tab. For additional information on grading student work, click here.

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